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Richmond, VA


A family and portrait photographer in Richmond, VA


Fall mini sessions are coming!! Mini's are offered one weekend in the fall and spring each year. They are always a big hit and the time slots book up very quickly. They are suitable for up to five people and not ideal for engagement, senior, or newborn sessions. The sessions are 30 minutes, include time for family shots, individual shots of kiddos, groups, just parents, etc.

They are offered at a specific location TBA closer to time. Due to the nature of mini's and time, we cannot come to other locations other than the specific location. Mini's are $225 and include the gallery digital download of all edited images with release to print and share.  (Usually between 15-30 images). They are so much fun! My approach is to capture you enjoying one another and it's very quick and easy. :)

If you'd like to book, please pay the $50 deposit, and then email me to tell me what time you'd like and what city. I update this site as often as possible. See y'all soon!!

Richmond, VA

Saturday, October 14

2:00- Danielle D.

2:30- Kara S.

3:00- April K.

3:30- Tiffany V.

4:00- Karol J.

4:30- Kate R.

5:00- Ashley B.

5:30- Kristy V.


Sunday, October 15

2:00- Julie A.

2:30- Brandy S.

3:00- Kelsey J.

3:30- Michelle M.

4:00- Lauren W.

4:30- Hayley D.

5:00- Maggie N.

5:30- Jenny B.


Saturday, November 4

3:00- Sarah D.

3:30- Lynne M.

4:00- Molly D.


5:00- Heather O.


***Update for NY. Thanks so much for the great response. Rye is completely full so if you are in NY and would like a fall mini, please choose from an open spot on Friday or Saturday at Riverside Park. Remember the sessions are only 25 minutes, lots of fun, and the pictures will make it worth your time! :)

Riverside Park, NYC

Friday, October 27

4:00- Remya T.

5:00- Nicole B.


Riverside Park, NYC

Saturday, October 28

10:00- Lisa M.

10:30- Jeannie L.


(lunch break)

1:30- Courtney B.

2:00- Jean P.



3:30- Kiersten B.

4:00- Melissa B.

4:30- Elizabeth Pa.

5:00- Sophie R.


Rye, NY

Sunday, October 29

10:00- Liz P.

10:30- Maria V.

11:00- Wendy G.

(lunch break)

1:30- Jodi M.

2:00- Christie L.

2:30- Jessica L.

3:00- Katie T.

3:30- Christina M.

4:00- Rachel R.

4:30- Kate O.

5:00- Katie S.

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